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2 Mar

Purpose of this blog


Posted by: Aneta Zimnicki

Okay, it is time for me to stop keeping things to myself. In this blog I will share information and insights about mortgages, real estate investing and real estate investment mortgages.

Mortgages for real estate investment property is a very TINY sliver of the mortgage lending market. Add to that several existing rental properties in your portfolio, and this is even a smaller minority. You may have already found through talking to regular lending channels that there is a lack of understanding in investment property mortgages and your investment goals. The core these regular lending channels is not your type of business, they are focussed on serving the average mortgage customer. Well, I am here to fill this void, educate you and help you on your journey to financial success. As you will gather from my posts, proper mortgage planning is critical to your financial and real estate investment success.

A number of years ago I started investing in real estate and have had an incredible journey. I discovered how amazing mortgages are and how they can accelerate your wealth growth. I will cheerfully share my insights with you. Cheers for now!