I had many challenges as a first time home buyer. With Aneta’s knowledge and commitment I was able to secure a mortgage. Through the whole process I felt she was working on my behalf. She walked me through each step. I am thankful to have found Aneta and would highly recommend her.

Donna H.

As a first time home buyer, I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing and making the right decisions. When Aneta came into the picture as my mortgage agent, I knew I could trust her words and advice. She is very well versed, confident, and knowledgeable, but beyond that she is highly empathetic and works so well in collaboration as a true partner. Apart from answering my million questions, she worked hard for my application, was always available to provide guidance. Thank you Aneta, you truly are the best!

Swati G

Aneta came highly recommended and having never refinanced a home before, I was unsure how the whole process worked. Aneta was very patient, answering all of my questions in a way I could understand, she responded quickly and made working with my busy schedule a much more manageable process than it could have been with anyone else.

Matt S.

As a beginner investor, Aneta was able to walk me through the process and provide all the options. I truly appreciate her responsiveness, patience and clarity during the time I secured both of my investment properties. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to friends, family or clients. She made the process simple and straightforward.

Shelly B.

I reached out to Aneta to seek her assistance with finding a lender for a mortgage to purchase my first home. I was pretty much starting from scratch in terms of my knowledge and familiarity with the process. Not only did Aneta answer my many questions with care and patience, she has many resources available on both her app and website. Aneta made a big life decision and often complicated process feel much easier. Thanks for all your help Aneta!

Sarah M.

Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to refinance my mortgage. Aneta was the right person at the right time in my life‎. She delivered the solution I needed and gave me confidence to move on with my life – not only to start fresh financially but also to start smart. I will continue to reach out to Aneta for professional advice and service. I am also very pleased and impressed with Aneta’s ethics and professionalism.

Sorina A.

We were first time home buyers, unsure of the process of buying a house. After finding the perfect home, we were in need of a mortgage broker. A co-worker highly recommended Aneta to us. She was always there for our needs, was very efficient, approachable and easy to communicate with during the whole process. She was able to get us a mortgage product and a rate that pleasantly surprised both of us. If we could, we would rate Aneta 10 out of 5 stars. You made buying our first home less stressful and streamlined everything for us.

Anthony S. & Anuradha K.

I really want to thank you for all your work regarding my mortgage. You are extremely good at what you do and it was great to see how an investor minded broker work. You provided me with great information and also how to be much more organized with my financial documents for the future.

Sal B.

Thank you so much for applying the mortgage. You helped a lot especially for me as a first time buyer. Your experience and diligence really stand out.

Helen S.

I was looking for someone who had the knowledge and expertise to help me make decisions about my real estate investment property financing options. She was able to simplify everything so I could understand a complicated system of mortgage terms and options. At no point was I frustrated by the information that was given to me because Aneta was able to outline everything. I now have multiple properties financed and I could not be any happier. Aneta was patient throughout the process and made me feel very comfortable in every decision I made. I am very confident that my next steps with investing in real estate are made easier because of the help of Aneta and her experience.

Ron E.