I am your trusted mortgage and real estate investment authority.

I offer a unique combination of experience, knowledge and professionalism gained from a number of years of operating a real estate investing business, owning real estate investments, and from over a decade working as a professional engineer in the manufacturing and consulting industries.

I am passionate about real estate investing and how it ultimately provides the financial freedom most of us seek. Real estate has amazing power towards leveraging wealth and a key component of that is a well-chosen mortgage. This is what lead me to become a mortgage broker. I find this subject area fascinating and I enjoy helping people get closer to their financial goals, whether you are starting out with your first home purchase, refinancing, or purchasing investment property.

A mortgage decision today can impact other areas of your finances, and, if you are a real estate investor, can impact your ability to qualify for future mortgages. My approach to your mortgage solution is to look at the big picture, look at your entire portfolio, not simply be transactionally-focussed.

I place importance on not just getting a competitive rate, but also getting the mortgage terms and conditions that work best for you. I have access to numerous lenders and mortgage solutions, many which are unavailable through conventional mortgage broker channels or the banks. I am ready to look harder for a solution for you, not just resort to a small selection of mortgage products.

I look forward to working with you and providing a solution fit for you.

To your financial success,

Aneta Zimnicki